The highest standards of sanitary control in America

Our butcher’s shop is governed by HACCP standards. It follows very strict hygiene measures and conditions applied at all stages of the food chain to provide safe and wholesome food. We are also enrolled in a federal plan with very rigid standards to achieve the highest distinctions in North America.

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Federal Food Inspection Agency

As we have voluntarily subscribed to a federal food inspection plan, a Canadian government inspector is present full time in our butcher shop. This inspector ensures rigorously, several times a day, that all standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are respected and that the health quality of the premises, equipment, and products are impeccable. From standards of handling to employee medical conditions, everything is being done to ensure that these rules are respected. Many butchers or supermarkets do not have such high standards of hygiene. With the grocer, you can enjoy with complete peace of mind.

Because your health is really important to us.

At l’épicier, food safety is extremely important. As always, we take all the necessary hygiene precautions in our facilities and those of our suppliers, from the preparation until the delivery of your supplies.

The best-rated meat on the market

We provide you with the best quality of food in Canada. For example, our beef is AAA Canada Classification. This popular classification is recognized for its quality and marbling, and exceptional tenderness. In addition, our beef is aged for 18 to 21 days to make it even tastier.

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A cutting-edge packaging technique

Our meats are vacuum-packed at the time of cutting, in packaging specially designed for deep freezing. This skin-type packaging makes it possible to protect the meat even more. Combined with deep freezing, it preserves all the freshness, juices, and nutritional values it contains at the time of cutting. This allows meats to be stored for up to 18 months in the freezer.

100% satisfaction guarantee

As we have full confidence in the quality and freshness of our products, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In our view, the full satisfaction of our customers is paramount and this is what has earned us their loyalty. It is one of the most cherished values of our company and we will always put all our efforts to satisfy you.

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